HSM #6 – Out of your comfort zone: The Brimstone Butterfly Dress


Actually, I am sewing out of my comfort zone since I started to seriously try to grasp 1920s fashion and clothes making, which has been some months now. I’m still far from feeling at home with it. Nonetheless I had plans for something else: I wanted to work with buckram. I had one go at it years ago (unsuccessfully) and now thought of making a hat based on it. The problem is, that my list of needful projects is long (I really need to get rid of my last maternity clothes), actually including one or two hats, but rather of straw or felt, and anyway with a rounded crown, nothing with right angles and sharp edges. The list does not include that buckram based handbag either, which I halfheartedly began to sew and dumped after having messed it all up.

Then I had absolutely no further ideas, and June was already half over. I didn’t want to miss the challenge though, even if it was just for my own record, so I decided to cheat a little und do something that at least would be out of my comfort zone to wear: something yellow.


It doesn’t show very well in the pictures, but the dress is of brimstone butterfly cotton – and it’s my first yellow item of clothing ever. It’s based on the One Hour Dress from the mid Twenties and was quickly assembled, although of course I needed two hours alone for fiddling with a self made bias binding for the neck, before taking it off again and using ready made binding.


I’m still not fully comfortable with the width at the back (well, it looks a little better on the dress form than on me), but I guess that’s basically what Twenties’ dresses are about and I’ll get used to it. On the whole I like it though. It feels a bit like being clad in lemon ice cream wearing it, but it is a nice light and sporty dress, reminding me of summery afternoons and tennis on the lawn.


The Challenge: Out of your comfort zone

Fabric: yellow cotton, about 2 meters

Pattern: the one hour dress, like here

Year: 1924

Notions: thread, white cotton bias binding

How historically accurate is it? Very, I’d say: 95%, leaving 5% for anything inaccurate that I just don’t know of.

Hours to complete: about one week of snippets of time

First worn: last weekend on a party at the baltic sea

2 thoughts on “HSM #6 – Out of your comfort zone: The Brimstone Butterfly Dress

  1. Such a pretty 1920s house dress! I like the pleats at the sides. I’m also admiring simple and practical 1920s clothing at the moment. I’ve sewn a 1920s blue polka dot dress for myself lately.


    1. Unfortunately the colour isn’t that practical – but apart from that you are right: These dresses are just pulled over and you are comfortable yet pretty dressed, which is great. Happy you liked mine! (And happy to have found your blog – I will surely follow it!)


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