Hello there!

I am a music librarian, living with my family in Hamburg, Germany. I started loving clothes as a little girl, yearning for princesses’ gowns, the interest getting a little more serious in my teenage years, when I made my first attempts at sewing and was determined to become a wardrobe mistress. Well, things turned out differently, the wonderful garments from bygone days seemed a fruitless thing to dream of and other tasks and pleasures called for attention.

Then, a couple of years ago, I came across the style of the 1930s and was smitten. And I was quite surprised to realize that if I really wanted to, I could actually wear anything I liked. Since then I have sewn most of what I wear, or refashioned bought clothes, preferably historically accurate, but above all with much passion and fun (and, of course, blood, sweat and tears). My special interest still lies with the fashion of the first three decades of the twentieth century.

I have always enjoyed reading blogs on historical and vintage fashion, but never felt the urge of having my own. The purpose of this now is to participate in the Historical Sew Monthly, hosted by The Dreamstress. This is also why I am going to write in English, and I hope, any linguistical lapses will be forgiven.

Well then, enjoy!

… Mittlerweile habe ich dem Historical Sew Monthly entsagt. Ich schreibe auf Deutsch. Und ich habe die Dekade gewechselt – die tägliche Lockenwickelei für ein 30er-Outfit passte einfach nicht mehr in meinen Alltag, und so stammen die Sachen, von denen ich träume, an denen ich herumtüftele, die ich nähe und trage, mittlerweile aus den 20ern. Aber sonst stimmt’s noch.

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