HSM #1 – Foundations: Cosy Bloomers

I didn’t find it easy to come up with something suitable for this first challenge. Anything fitted like a girdle would not fit for long and I am not in need of one. Another slip would be a good thing, but not wearable at the moment, since I will have to wear two piece garments for quite some time. What I could use though, since I am no great friend of tights, is something to keep the part above the stockings warm on a cold day. So this was my choice: passion killers from the twenties.

Featured image

Not spectacular, but I stuck to the motto “You can never have too many chemises” (and they do look better worn than on the hanger, but talking about underwear in public feels weird enough without showing pictures of me wearing them). It’s a pair of bloomers, like they were worn in the 1920s and early 30s (and very similar in earlier decades, I think), in the basic version – without separate yoke or inset crotch, and not made of rayon or silk, but rather wintery of cotton flannel. I had ruffles on the leg openings, but it made them look (and feel) even more granny-like, so I left those out. I haven’t seriously worn them yet, hope they are not too bulky. But cosy they definitely are!

The Challenge: Foundations

Fabric: 1,5 meters of cotton flannel

Pattern: based on Simplicity 3688, modified

Year: about 1930

Notions: thread, elastic band

How historically accurate is it? Rather. The elastic band might not be authentic (I couldn’t find out much about elastics around that time) – but it does not show. The rest is fine.

Hours to complete: about 6 hours

First worn: not yet

Total cost: ca. 30 € (although I’d rather not be constantly aware of all the money I spend on this …)

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