Here we go …

The reason for me to start this blog is the fabulous Historical Sew Monthly 2015, hosted by The Dreamstress. Some time last year I stumbled over the Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014. I liked the idea a lot, but – to accomplish any dress in two weeks time, let alone an elaborate gown like some of the participants did, did (and still does) seem impossible to me. When the question came up, wether the whole thing was worth the effort of organizing it, I was nonetheless alarmed – I really wouldn’t want to miss it. Now the intervals have been changed to monthly challenges, and so I think I would really like to give it a try.

And these are the challenges for 2015:

  • January – Foundations: make something that is the foundation of a period outfit.
  • February – Colour Challenge Blue: Make an item that features blue, in any shade from azure to zaffre.
  • March – Stashbusting: Make something using only fabric, patterns, trims & notions that you already have in stash.
  • April – War & Peace: the extremes of conflict and long periods of peacetime both influence what people wear.  Make something that shows the effects of war, or of extended peace.
  • May – Practicality:  Fancy party frocks are all very well, but everyone, even princesses, sometimes needs a practical garment that you can DO things in.  Create the jeans-and-T-Shirt-get-the-house-clean-and-garden-sorted outfit of your chosen period.
  • June – Out of Your Comfort Zone: Create a garment from a time period you haven’t done before, or that uses a new skill or technique that you’ve never tried before. 
  • July – Accessorize: The final touch of the right accessory creates the perfect period look.  Bring an outfit together by creating an accessory to go with your historical wardrobe.
  • August – Heirlooms & Heritage: Re-create a garment one of your ancestors wore or would have worn, or use an heirloom sewing supply to create a new heirloom to pass down to the next generations.
  • September – Colour Challenge Brown: it’s not the most exciting colour by modern standards, but brown has been one of the most common, and popular, colours throughout history. Make something brown.
  • October – Sewing Secrets: Hide something in your sewing, whether it is an almost invisible mend, a secret pocket, a false fastening or front, or a concealed message (such as a political or moral allegiance).
  • November – Silver Screen: Be inspired by period fashions as shown onscreen (film or TV), and recreate your favourite historical costume as a historically accurate period piece.
  • December – Re-Do:  It’s the last challenge of the year, so let’s keep things simple by re-doing any of the previous 11 challenges.

I am really exited about participating! I have had some very nice ideas and am still working on others and generally start the sewing of 2015 much inspired and in high spirits!

There are some  special preconditions in that I gave birth to my second child in October 2014. This will mean a figure constantly changing over the course of the year, it rules out one piece dresses (unsuitable for breastfeeding) and of course there will be limited time for myself, mostly coming in small bits, which have to be used always and promptly. I had quite a good start though, so I am confident and most of all: thrilled!

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