HSM #12 – Re-do: Pretty in peach


A quick post for the last garment of 2015 – we have been moving to a new flat two weeks before christmas (with room enough for a permanent place for my sewing machine – jay!) and still don’t have any internet, so I’m now at a friend’s place to post this. It would be a shame to miss the last challenge, and I am happy to have managed it, even if it was just a quick and easy sew.

I thought my HSM-start with the flanel bloomers rather poor, so I decided to re-do the first challenge, foundations, and make a 1920s slip. Please excuse the bad picture – the slip does not go on my dress form, so I had to pin it to it.


The pattern consists of two A-shaped panels and the straps. Because the rayon resisted any pressing, I took silk for the straps and the binding, leftovers from a 1930s nightgown I made some years ago.


The Challenge: Re-do

Fabric: rayon and silk

Pattern: my own

Year: about 1925

Notions: thread

How historically accurate is it? Very, I think

Hours to complete: two evenings

First worn: not yet

So – this was the Historical Sew Monthly 2015! I am quite proud I actually did all of the challenges. Sometimes I wished I could have made more elaborate and glamourous garments, but I probably wouldn’t have finished them, so I guess it was allright the way it was. Many of the things I’ve made I have worn a lot, and above all it was a slow but thorough approach to 1920s clothing – which is to be continued beginning tomorrow. Following the challenges and their deadlines helped me to get things done, and besides it did a lot for keeping me sane during the year at home with my children … I love them dearly, but to have something else to plan and think and ponder about, and realise these nice things just for myself really was good!

I’m looking forward very much to the HSM 2016, many thanks again to Leimomi, and a very happy new year to you all!

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