I have long been wanting to make a pair of pyjamas, like these from a Sears and Roebuck catalogue from 1931:


This type of sleepwear was very popular in the twenties and thirties – for men at first and later, when slacks became an option, also for women. The form seems to have become a classic, so I could use a modern pattern (Simplicity 7378A) with only a few alterations. A speciality of the vintage version are the characteristic “oriental” frog fastenings, as exoticism of all kind was all the rage in the twenties.


This is another one of the projects I started before my pregnancy and finished now. I had already cut the pieces for the top, but then made the trousers first, in a giant maternity version, which I could now easily slim down. It shows in the fabric though, that the slacks have already been worn and washed a lot, while the jacket is now brand new. The fabric is a cotton Trachtenstoff, meant for Dirndls and the like. I like the pattern and think it fits the slightly asiatic feel well.


The whole thing is, as far as I can see, absolutely period correct, which really pleases me. It is also very comfortable and suitable for daily wear. Highly recommended!

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